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Womens 360 Defense and Rape Prevention

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Learn Street Defense Tactics for Women! 


Defensive skills are based on simple principles of leverage, technique and timing. Realistic training methods are designed to impart knowledge, develop essential defense skills, provide simple mitigation of sexual assault considerations, and turn any potential victim from a soft target into a hardened target. The techniques are easy to learn and perform under stress. 


Instructors are nationally certified by Women’s Defense Institute, Rape Aggression Defense, and have extensive experience with combat street survival methods, military and law enforcement. 



Women are trained to Fight with their unique abilities, not like a man.  


Women are trained to use their particular strengths during a conflict while minimizing the strengths of a man.  By not attempting to fight against the strengths of an opponent is a smart strategy for any fighter. 


This training is taught opposite of typical approaches by starting the solid defense against the worst possible sexual assault positions and then backing out.  Avoidance and escape methods against the most common attacks (punches, chokes, grabs, bear hugs, etc.) are also taught, yet if you can escape the worst positions possible, other threats  are relatively simple to handle by comparison.


In addition to the defensive skills, you will use kicks, knees, hands and elbows against vulnerable targets including face, throat, groin and knees.  Tactical defense against weapons, including knives, clubs and firearms will elevate your skills and confidence. 


Training women in self defense demands a responsible, sensitive and no nonsense approach to achieve effective results. This specialized training is available in various short term modules that address ground defense, hand to hand defense, weapons defense, and deployment of firearms and improvised weapons. 


Participants may attend any training session without any prior experience or prerequisites.  The training is offered at our facility or may be transported into other settings for the participant’s convenience such as professional offices, schools, gyms, churches or homes.  Contact us to arrange for special training. 


No Experience is Necessary to learn this proven defense system designed to protect women.


Eliminate Doubt and Fear, Grow with Power!


Call Today to Enroll in this impacting program.


Find out more by calling us at (706) 825-4308/4312 

or request information online. 

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