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Combat Fitness

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Get an Action Packed Hard Core Workout! Get Fit to Fight, Reduce Stress & Live your Better Self!

Want to Get Into Better Shape, Amazingly Fast?

If you’re looking for a fantastic TOTAL BODY workout that will burn up calories and get you into the best shape of your life, the Combat Fitness classes deliver results!


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Transform Yourself with Combat Fitness For Exceptional Results!

This high-energy, hard core fitness program was designed for people with busy lives who want to get (or stay) in great shape without too much time or fuss. It’s a safe program based on proven science and biomechanics that will safeguard your body. Learn how to train correctly and effectively.

You'll enjoy a Fun program that combines Combat Fitness, Muay Thai kickboxing, Functional Cardio training and Mixed Martial Arts to give you an exhilarating calorie-burning workout that builds muscles and melts away fat. You'll build strength, endurance, muscle tone, and mental alertness. You'll learn skills to protect yourself, and you will develop the courage, self discipline and self esteem to tackle anything life throws at you. 

Creative drills and equipment are used in the training to achieve maximum results; including TRX, Heavy Bags, Focus Pads, Ground and Pound Bags, Grid Rollers, Kettlebells, Balls, Ropes, Hammers, Tires, Tactical and Body Weight Exercises. 

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Whether you want to lose weight or tighten and tone your muscles, this program will help give you the leaner body you’ve always wanted. Street Fit Kickboxing is safe, educational and challenging! The Absolute Self Defense and Fitness School specializes in making people of all ages fitter and safer. You'll be trained to better handle anything! 


If you are looking a way to get into the best shape of your life, in the least amount of time, then Combat Fitness training is a great option. 

Some of the Many Benefits of Combat Fitness include:

  • Well-defined stomach muscles
  • A slender back and chest
  • Toned biceps and triceps
  • Well-shaped legs, buttocks and thighs
  • A boost of energy to get through a hectic day
  • Gain the skills and confidence to protect yourself in ANY situation! Awareness, Prevention, Basic escape strategies Trusting your instincts, Your personal safe zone How to accessorize for safety.

Functional fitness is integrated by design into the fabric of every class following the evidence based methods of the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and other leading health and fitness organizations. 

woman wrapping handsNASM methods represent the gold standard in fitness requiring elite trainers to attain the most comprehensive knowledge of human movement science, functional anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology, as well as functional assessment and program design. Optimum Performance Training methods tend to produce exceptional levels of strength, neuromuscular efficiency, dynamic flexibility, power, endurance, skill, confidence, fighting spirit, speed, agility, balance, weight management and stress reduction.  

NASM methods are founded on current university research, and produce real and measureable results.  This evidence based approach will positively impact your life!  


Get Fit to Fight with a Life Saving Purpose!

  • Lose weight and tone muscle faster than you though possible
  • Get a real slam bam workout that burns tons of fat
  • Experience a professional, adult atmosphere that is intense in training with positive instructional methods
  • Elevate core strength through Intense training and dynamic MMA methods
  • Hit heavy bags and Muay Thai pads
  • Train movement skills with TRX and other effective functional methods
  • Experience Muay Thai Boxing, one of the fastest growing methods in the world 

Our environment is non-competitive, safe and challenging.  The training is Perfect for the adult seeking focus and a fit, heathy mind and body.  


Johnpunch2Hammer Heavy Bags, with Real Gear and Real Combat Methods! 


This is a great program for those who want the incredible fitness benefits of kickboxing and combat training, but who want something more than the typical gym environment and aerobic kickboxing.  We teach authentic combat science and martial arts, while ensuring safe training and efficient self defense skills. 




No Experience is Necessary to train in this Combat Fitness system elevating individuals to better fitness. 


Get fit to fight & stop the threat! Find out more by calling us at (706) 825-4308/4312 

or request information online.

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