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Here is what Mr. Baros says about Universal Kempo Karate in Colorado Springs.....Our children love going to Universal Kempo Karate. We have been going for a couple of years now and I couldn't be more please with the results. My son is more focused and my daughter is more confident. We actually took our kids to another facility to see what it was like and it was organized chaos. The instructor pointed out my children to the rest of the class as they were the only ones with enough discipline to follow instructions. The instructor asked if they practiced Kempo Karate. I proudly told him yes and he said that it shows. Through this experience I learned- you get what you pay for and my children will continue through this journey with Universal Kempo Karate.
I really enjoy training with the Kempo Karate team. It has given me a chance to continue training at a high level with multiple exercises. My favorite has to be the kick boxing fitness drills. I also enjoy teaching and watching the kids martial arts classes. I would recommend this to anyone in Colorado Springs as a life long activity for people of al ages.
Monday, 24 June 2013 23:56

Carrie Berry · Colorado Springs, Colorado

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My girls and I have trained with the Universal Kempo family for three years. It really is a family. You get calls on your birthday, calls if you haven't been to class making sure you are ok and to see if you need help. My girls have gained confidence, committment, and leadership. I also take kickboxing with Mrs. Johnson and it's a blast. Every class is different and you get a great workout while having fun. Highly recommend.
Monday, 24 June 2013 23:53

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I cannot give enough praise for this organization. I started out training with my son as a means of family bonding. That was four years ago. I consider the instructors and the people I train with an extended part of my family. As a Father and Grandfather I would never have guessed I would be doing the things that I am doing now. Yes you can keep up with your Grandchildren! I would not hesitate on recommending this organization and would strongly recommend enrolling in karate classes as a family rather than sitting home and watching TV.testimonial 1

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