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We specialize in personal protection training including Krav Maga (Israeli Combat System)

defensive tactics for law enforcement and security, martial arts, combat shooting, VIP/Executive Protection, combat fitness, rape defense and weapons defense. Krav Maga is the core of every class and is known as one of the most realistic and practical self-defense and hand-to-hand combat systems in the world. Our training methods are aggressive, innovative and safe to help individuals develop their potential and a solid warrior mindset.

Do not compromise on the quality of your self-defense training, especially when your survival and safety are at risk against violent encounters. Learn from professionals with comprehensive tactical experience to detect, evade and stop violent threats and operate within legal use of force guidelines. Our highly qualified instructors and trainers have extensive experience gained in law enforcement, military, VIP protection, firearms, martial arts, investigations, counter-terrorism and private security contracts with the U.S. Government. We have provided realistic self-defense and fitness training for individuals and organizations in the Central Savannah River Area for over 25 years.

Beginners or professionals at all ages, fitness and skill levels, including anyone with injuries, limitations or special considerations can train effectively in all classes. Our comprehensive Krav Maga and tactical training is a dynamic, fun and exceptional learning experience.



Tony Price

Owner / Instructor

Nancy Price


Mark Winkler


Dan Hendricks

Adjunct Firearms Instructor


As a military veteran and current law enforcement supervisor and trainer, having trained with Tony since 2009 in authentic Israeli Krav Maga, the benefits in fitness and preparation for myself, my private students and Deputies are numerous.  This training develops the confidence and skills in a safe setting for the unfortunate violence of the streets today and is Highly Recommended.

- Dan Hendricks


Owner and primary instructor Tony Price's expertise extends beyond self-defense and into multiple disciplines, such as anatomy and physiology, psychology, various weapons and their application, counter-terrorism, to name a few. Combined with a love for people and a strong Christian faith, Tony takes training to another level entirely.

In all my years, I have yet to witness an instructor with such expertise, wisdom and understanding, capable of discerning what each student needs in order to advance (tempered with respect and humility) both inside and outside the classroom.

Add to this those firearm skills acquired during range days, and the end result is a well-rounded student who is capable of defending him/herself, their families, and loved ones from any and all threats, while improving self-discipline and self-worth.

I highly recommend this school, its training staff, family and faith environment and the high-quality students to anyone looking to train in such a way as to prepare themselves for the environment in which we currently live.

- Dr. Alan Tillman


I appreciated you taking the time to train with fellow Troopers as well as myself. I have already incorporated your suggestions into my personal self-defense. I am now more eager than ever to pursue more Krav Maga to help me in my career as a State Trooper. Again, thank you for your organization. I would recommend this training for any law enforcement agency.

Lt. James E. Nelson III

Office of Lieutenant Governor
Mississippi Department of Public Safety