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Learn Street Defense Tactics for Women! 


Defensive skills are based on simple principles of leverage, technique and timing. Realistic training methods are designed to impart knowledge, develop essential defense skills, provide simple mitigation of sexual assault considerations, and turn any potential victim from a soft target into a hardened target. The techniques are easy to learn and perform under stress. 


Instructors are nationally certified by Women’s Defense Institute, Rape Aggression Defense, and have extensive experience with combat street survival methods, military and law enforcement. 


Become your own protector and first line of defense! An immediate defense to a sudden violent attack can be a vital and life saving response long before help can arrive.



ASD street combat tactics provide a powerful family focused and personal protection system designed for real world survival. The world isn’t getting any safer.  Local news and current statistics indicate how our world can suddenly become violent.  Muggings and assaults with weapons and multiple attackers are commonplace. The surge in active shooter scenarios, bullying, child abductions, sexual assaults, and violent street crimes demand responsible training in aggressive mitigation,  total commitment and a trained warrior mindset during hostile encounters. 


Real World Personal Protection


This pure Street Combat Defense and Mixed Martial Arts system is designed for the streets, where there are; 


No Rings, No Rules, No Referees. 


This tactical approach is a comprehensive synthesis of concepts and techniques from the most effective martial arts and defensive tactical systems throughout the world including:


  • Chinese Kempo Karate [evolved from Hawaiian Kajukenbo; the proven effective street system and original Mixed Martial Arts of Chinese Kempo, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Chinese & Western Boxing, Escrima, Kali, Tang Soo Do]
  • Shaolin Kempo (Kung Fu, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing)
  • Muay Thai Kickboxing 
  • Jiu Jitsu
  • Kali & Escrima
  • Jeet Kune Do
  • Krav Maga
  • Womens Self Defense Systems
  • Military and Law Enforcement Close Quarter Combatives 


No Experience is Necessary to learn this powerful street defense system designed to protect individuals and families. 


ASD tactics are easy to learn, easy to retain and easy to execute under stress. The ASD System is designed to compliment any martial arts system or style and elevate practitioners to highly advanced skill levels in a short time. ASD tactics deploy simple concepts of motion and energy to meet a threat rather than robotic technique that is easily forgotten.  Proven laws of physics, leverage and timing result in endless techniques to effectively defeat a versatile threat. 


ASD tactics are designed for busy professionals and lifestyles to gain more results in less time. Accelerated learning methods merged with the most effective martial arts methods available provide exceptional results and effective skills. The Street Combat Defense curriculum is a no nonsense in your face program where practitioners can learn in hours and weeks concepts and skills that can take months and years to accomplish in other martial arts styles and systems. 


Practitioners can earn formal rank, instructor certification or gain essential skills in reality based survival and violence mitigation to be your own protector. Development of vital skills and a survival mindset will produce confidence, reduce stress and instill freedom from fear.  


ASD Street Combat Defense Courses are available in various short term modules.  Each module is independent and participants may attend any module without any prior experience or prerequisites.  The training is offered at our facility or may be transported into other settings for the participant’s convenience such as professional offices, schools, gyms, churches or homes.  Contact us to arrange for special training. 


Empty Hand Defense Tactics.  Common street combat skills are focused on the most common assaults including grabs, chokes, bear hugs, punches and kicks. Training will instill aggressive mitigation, proper body mechanics and delivery of precision hand techniques with razor sharp elbows, knees and kicks against vital targets.  


Ground Defense Tactics. Defensive combat skills are based on simple principles of leverage, technique and timing.  Survival skills on the ground result in effective escape, control or destruction of assaults on the ground.


Weapons Defense Tactics. Any self defense situation has the potential to result in a high stress and high risk situation.  This is particularly true when a firearm or edged weapon is introduced into the scenario. During high stress situations, combat and survival performance can significantly deteriorate and potentially result in fatal increases in reaction time. This training will focus on dynamic defensive tactics for close attacks, movement during assault, close quarter attacks, survival, and aggressive mitigation against armed assailants. 



Eliminate Doubt and Fear, Grow with Power!


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Forge Yourself Into a Tactical Warrior with Protection Skills and a Fearless Attitude!


Get Fit to Fight while Learning to Defend Yourself and Family!


If you want a COMPLETE self defense system that teaches you the physical and mental skills of self defense, you’ll find it in the Tactical Defense Adult Program. We provide a unique combat fitness, high endurance, strength, power and flexibility street defense training that places balanced emphasis on warrior mindset, hands, feet, knees, elbows and total body mechanics.  


You’ll learn how to combine agility, power and cunning with a highly specialized arsenal of weapons, holds and methods to overwhelm opponents and stop the threat.  


Focus on Fitness with a Functional Purpose


  • Lose weight and tone muscle faster than you though possible
  • Get a real combat fitness workout that burns tons of fat
  • Experience a professional, adult atmosphere that is intense in training with positive instructional methods
  • Elevate core strength through Intense training and dynamic training methods
  • Hit heavy bags and Muay Thai pads
  • Train movement skills with TRX, Rip Trainers,  and other effective functional methods
  • Experience Muay Thai Boxing, one of the fastest growing sports in the world


Our environment is non-competitive, safe and challenging.  The training is Perfect for the adult seeking focus and a fit, heathy mind and body.  


Hammer Heavy Bags and Deploy Combat Fighting Methods! Not fluffy aerobic kickboxing movements.


This is a great program for those who want the incredible fitness benefits of kickboxing, but who want something more than aerobic kickboxing.  We teach authentic defensive tactics, while ensuring safe training and efficient self defense. 


Real Self Defense Skills


You will earn the methods of personal and family protection, combat fitness and helping others to achieve their goals. You’ll also learn a multitude of weapons to defend yourself, family and others in nearly every situation. 


Embrace Your Journey to Stop the Threat


This system was developed from combat, countless battlegrounds in the rings and streets of the world.  The diverse training and educational element of the classes will keep you focused, energized and challenged.  


If you’re ready to take a physical, mental and spiritual journey that teaches you to protect yourself in ANY situation, and remove the stress and strain of your busy life, take the next step.  


Get Started Achieving Your Goals!


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Tactical Defense training represents a substantial evolution of the brutally effective street methods of Military Defensive Tactics, Krav Maga, Chinese Martial Arts (Hawaiian Kajukenbo roots), Muay Thai Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, and Escrima. This powerful mixed martial arts program is designed for the streets where professionals and family members without any experience can learn real world personal protection in a positive and safe environment. 


The Tactical Defense system is a uniquely different and proven street defense system, unlike sport oriented approaches taught throughout the world. 


From the inception of this system, real world street defense was the focus rather than other martial arts that lacked reality for effective survival and protection. 


A fusion of modern and ancient methods of warrior development produce significant results in less time. 


Time is a precious commodity; once spent it cannot be retrieved.  We know how valuable time is and our no nonsense methods get directly to the point. 


This comprehensive approach is an efficient synthesis of some of the most effective martial arts systems throughout the world including:


  • Krav Maga and Military Combatives
  • Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics
  • Chinese Kempo Karate [evolved from Hawaiian Kajukenbo; the proven effective street system and original American Mixed Martial Arts of Chinese Kempo, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Chinese & Western Boxing, Escrima, Kali, Tang Soo Do]
  • Shaolin Kempo (Kung Fu, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing)
  • Muay Thai Kickboxing  
  • Jiu Jitsu



Gain Rank Recognition in this unique system.


No Experience is Necessary to learn this powerful Tactical Defense system designed to protect individuals and families. 


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When you’re serious about personal and family protection, realistic street survival and exceptional fitness, the leading edge training of Absolute Self Defense (ASD) is for you! 


Our focus is street combat survival, personal protection and enhancing the quality of life through balanced physical and mental training. The curriculum is effectively designed to successfully meet individual needs, abilities and goals in the areas of protection and fitness.



We strive to offer the most current, highest quality of training and realistic results in a beginner friendly and  family environment.  No experience is necessary and all practitioners will gain immediate benefits.   


No Hype, Just Results!




The Strongest move You can make is a Commitment to a Strong Family!


Youth train in a fun, beginner friendly, challenging and safe environment. 

Youth become fit, learn realistic self defense, self respect, discipline, confidence and how to defend against bullies and predators.


The way of a true warrior is not about fighting, but in the way you live your life.  




Get an Action Packed Hard Core Workout! Get Fit to Fight, Reduce Stress & Live your Better Self!

Want to Get Into Better Shape, Amazingly Fast?

If you’re looking for a fantastic TOTAL BODY workout that will burn up calories and get you into the best shape of your life, the Combat Fitness classes deliver results!


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